About us

Our History

Blue Cow Café & Deli is a high-street butcher and casual café that has been faithfully serving the KL community since 2006. Specialising in the finest quality, freshest beef, lamb and pork, complimented with hand-made sausages and burgers and arguably the best bacon in KL, Blue Cow Café & Deli provides a trustworthy, and much needed fresh food alternative for discerning customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide fresh, high quality meat and meat products to the greater KL and other communities by offering a fast, reliable & trustworthy online delivery service that is convenient, easy and safe for our customers.

We provide our customers with security and peace of mind that they are feeding their families with safe, hygienic products that have been handled, store and shipped correctly and at appropriate temperatures. We back this up with 100% Quality Guarantee (T&C apply).

Our Values

We believe in offering the best possible products available and reasonable prices. We do not sell ‘rubbish’. That is why you will not find any ‘bargain’, ‘budget’, ‘value’ products here.

We believe in real food, made from real ingredients. Our sausages, burgers and kebabs are made from scratch so we know what’s in them. All of our cafe menu is made from scratch for the same reason. While you will find manufactured tomato & chilli sauce, mustard, butter and the like, our soups, breads, gravies, marinades etc are all lovingly made in house.

Real fresh food for real fresh people.